Unsure Update/92. “Realize the Power of Your Own Thoughts

Well there hasn’t been too much “life” recently but there sure has been a lot of living which I have really enjoyed. I was thinking about it yesterday when I was walking home from the store about how this short break has given me a great perspective on what my life is at this point. At the same time, there are other people close to me that are as busy as ever. I will soon be the same way. I feel that I have beaten the “life” and “living” subject to death and it is time to move forward.

Speaking of which, I am indifferent about what to do with this blog. I don’t know the direction and I don’t know if I should keep filling the online world with nonsense which is my life. I’m not very interesting and this blog could use more “spice.” Maybe have more visual aids, but once again I am unsure and just going to hold off changing anything.

I haven’t done this in a while but I will take a few minutes here and discuss one chapter of Richard Calson’s “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff,” a book where Carlson wrote and discusses one hundred ways to not let things take over your life.

92. Realize the power of your own thoughts

Thoughts are what makes reality for each individual, but they should be treated as exactly what they are: thoughts. It effects the way we feel and our ability to do anything because thoughts always proceed feelings. If you believe you can’t do something, you won’t be able to. The opposite is also true when practicing self-efficacy.

I read an interview Erykah Badu did with Origin Magazine last year and when Badu was asked if she practices any yoga or meditation, she stated, “Another meditation I do is try to stay out of my mind as long as I can, as an exercise, so I don’t believe everything I think.” Badu is one of my favorite artists and one that I look up to, so this has really stuck with me. Almost up to that point, I thought that my own thoughts were much more important. Now, I have begun to realize how much I can learn from avoiding my own thoughts and engaging my active senses. Also, being a self-proclaimed introvert, it has helped me gain more compassion and interest in people, and that’s a genuine skill that I have but doesn’t come natural.

Speaking of which, I am now going to watch some basketball and get out of my own thoughts for a while. Sooner than later!


First Week of Summer/I Made it/Looking Ahead

I’ve spent a deserving week away from the computer and relaxing with good friends. I would talk more about how the end of the school year was, but I will just say that it was nice and bittersweet and I felt so great about belonging to a school this last year. I will be sure to visit back next year wherever I happen to end up. I had no time in between before I was hit with the hectic-ness which is Memorial Day weekend, but I felt like work at Nike was quite successful and weird that it is now my sole job. This was also a week of music planning and I look forward to the month ahead.

The weather was decent this past week and although I spent a lot of quality time at the pool, I didn’t spend too much time actually in the pool. I feel like that will be for next week. It was nice spending some time with Nolan just doing a lot of nothing on our joint free time. Besides just the usual things there isn’t too much to update on how my days off were except that they flew by. Now I have the satisfaction of just having work tomorrow and not a thousand other priorities. I think I will have some new job leads next week or I at least hope so.

My update for the blog is that there is no update, though I should be posting more that I am actually in Summer. As far as quality, that is to be determined later. Onto job applications!

Last Monday/Blog Break

The last couple weeks of school have sure been a busy one for me but no problems taking everything a day at a time. Even though it feels like it is still a while away, I can’t wait to start Summer break and have a bit more time off during these nice months ahead. Things to look forward to:

-Today is the last day that I will have to work both jobs. It really isn’t ever too bad, but those eleven to thirteen hour days can turn a nice week into a long one.
-I need to add up how many days off I will have next week….four! Not including rehearsals which I really look forward to without work.
-Even with it only being Monday, there is a lot of excitement around school. Students behaved very well for me today, and I don’t really know why. I look forward to celebrating with them and seeing the excitement of all the fifth graders that will be moving on.
-I have a half day on Friday because students will be leaving and I have some extra personal time that I need to use. I must make a note that I should plan on Thursday for this upcoming weekend. I won’t even know what to do!
-The pool opens this weekend….crazy. I am ready more than ever coming off all of this work. Good times to be had.

One of the many goals for this summer is to make my blog a bit more fun and engaging and less going on about my life and updates. That will be much easier with more free time. I don’t know how much I will be updating until the last day, but I look forward to it!

Another Week Down

I don’t know when today turned into such a busy day. It feels like a normal Monday although my planner says otherwise, just have to get through the week and then we are onto the last week of school!

My weekend of work was decent. Actually….it started out pretty bad and got a lot better. I’m grateful for my part-time job and for the two awesome new pairs of shoes I received. It should be a great summer job.

I got my mom a couple of dri-fit shirts from work for Mother’s Day, and it seemed like all of my friends had a pleasant day yesterday. I went to the gym after work since my parents are gone and took my time there and let my mind go blank. It was by far the best part of my weekend and was amazed by how quiet and peaceful the gym was. I think I’m going to turn Sundays into my long workout days. Just another reason to look forward to summer!

Just found out about an hour ago that I have a job interview…tomorrow. Luckily I’m used to the short notice, my current job called me for an interview the day of the interview. I guess it gives me less time to worry and might even be good luck if I believed in such a thing.

Teacher Appreciation Week/Two More Weeks

I’ll consider this to be my first Teacher Appreciation Week with this being my first year that I belong to a school. It made me realize how much I am appreciated or not appreciated in the position that I am working. Overall, it was a lot of little things that made this week at work pleasant and makes it even crazier that we are wrapping up the school year!

Although I’m excited for “Summer vacation,” I don’t know if I can really even call it “Summer vacation.” With being on a one year contract with uncertainty of where I will be next year, it’s really just “Summer that’s starts at the end of my last job.” I feel excited about the break and I don’t really know If I should be. It will be an adjustment when I finally get to it.

Especially with being off for doctor appointments yesterday, it has been a strange day. Over half of my duties today have been cancelled due to other things going on in class, so it was a lot of waiting for the next thing to occur. This job is all about being adaptable.

It should be a pretty normal weekend with the exception that Hazard is doing a video recording this evening. It will hopefully be something that will come out this Summer and we will use to get future shows and exposure. Hopefully Nike was as pleasant as last weekend, and I will have my unplanned free time.

Summer Brainstorm/Summer Vacationitis (w/update)

Tuesdays are usually such crazy days, and it doesn’t make the rest of the week feel better. Staying positive and I keep smiling. Tomorrow will be the dreaded late start and have some time off work Thursday but that’s only for doctors appointments.

I’m happy I got to play a bit of music with the jazz group that played at lunch today. The students responded nicely to it and everyone overall were very respectful.

I think that my Summer school job will not happen overall due to numbers. It’s unfortunate and I don’t take it personally but….. It makes the thought of Summer quite exciting! Here are some things I would like/want/need to do:

-Play more music. I would like to commit more time to the groups I am in currently, and start my own project over the Summer. I might join a community group if my schedule works, and I plan on teaching more as well.

-Work out more. This should be quite relaxing since I really like going to the gym when I have time and don’t have to rush through things.

-Rejoin the pool! I can’t believe it’s almost that time and plenty of fun times are to be had. I hope 4th of July is as nice as last year and I will be sure to rock some red, white, and blue shoes.

-Find a job blah blah blahhhhh. Dual certification?

-Have an enjoyable Summer reading list. I’ll make this later.

-Go to a lot of Cardinals games and concerts. Bonnaroo might be in my future this Summer.

-Go on a couple of short trips with friends. Some place new would be nice. Or Memphis and go to Nike’s employee store.

-Set spending goals…? I have money saved up but I will be finding ways of having fun without spending. Castlewood helps.

-Funny Girl with Stray Dog Theatre at the end of July. It feels far away but so did Cabaret back in December and time flew by.


Work Weekend/Beautiful St. Louis Monday

Work this weekend was pleasant….mostly. There was actually a good deal of stress on Saturday among being extremely busy with the air show right across the road. My normal twenty-minute commute yesterday turned into over an hour. I took a few photos of the show yesterday while on lunch break, I love the Blue Angels.

We had the semi-annual Friends and Family sale this weekend and it was great to see so many familiar people at our store. I got some good deals as well including a dri-fit knit half zip that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on.

My phone right now says it’s 87 degrees. I took a kindergartener outside today to read and the weather sure turns today into an all right Monday. Off to job number 2 now and I hope that I get home before 10:30. Should be a long week!

Baseball, Personal Days, and Friends

I started this week by saying that I bet that I would hear something about a job in the Fall this week, either good or bad. So far, I’m wrong and I am really hoping I will hear about something this month that takes away a bit of pressure.

I was last on here on Monday. I had a nice day of work on Tuesday while my mind was no baseball all day. Despite being cold and not feeling too great, I had a lot of fun at the baseball game on Tuesday, and we lost in extra innings. Walking through Ballpark Village was exciting and I can’t wait to go and watch a game there. I really liked the courtyard outside where the old Busch Stadium used to be and plan on making that a normal meeting spot for Cards games.

I thought that I would be productive on my day off yesterday but I was wrong. I slept in until noon, went on a few errands with Nolan and had some lunch up at his work. I found out that I like fried zucchini, or maybe just zucchini with ranch. I hung around and watched Don Jon finally and liked it although I wish it went into further detail. I went home around five and ended up sleeping for a few hours which only kept me up until midnight.

Feeling all right today. Being at an elementary school (at least right now for me) means that I will never know exactly what kind of day I am going to have until it happens. I was half dreading today, but it turned out to be very nice! Now I have to decide If I will participate in the first day of Starbucks Happy Hour, or just go home and enjoy my evening.

Monday Catch Up (catsup)

Working and living, enjoying my extra evenings off. That can sum up last week.

Work felt like it flew by last week with all the extra things going on at the school. Any extra time outside of planning was taken by extra work and studying. My outline of summer school is a bit clearer and I should be finding out more details this week. I can’t believe it’s only a month away.

Worked a lot this past weekend but work at Nike was actually quite nice (it usually is). I enjoyed my first weekend without shows in a while and didn’t do anything too crazy.

I’m in between jobs right now and my mind is fuzzy. I work tonight and I’m heading to the Cardinals game with Nolan after I get off work tomorrow. If I take a personal day on Wednesday, it should be a relaxing and productive couple of days.

Well that was quick, I need to go grab my umbrella with this crazy weather. I also need to be inspired more along with trying to check things off my list.

Thanks Again to Stray Dog Theatre

Doing a production with Stray Dog Theatre is very unique. For myself as a musician, I was only involved with the production for one month, a week of rehearsals and three weeks of shows. It is much longer for actors. With this being my second production with Stray Dog, I felt the same as I did the first time. For the week of rehearsals that lead up to the first week of shows, I feel like it’s never going to end and that any free time is being consumed. I enjoy every minute, it’s the time commitment that can be tough.

Then, a couple of weeks go by and we are all of a sudden at closing night where music is being turned in and everyone is saying their goodbyes. I chose to not go to the after party with the holiday being the next day, so I made sure to say goodbye to everyone I needed to. Walking out to my car with all of my equipment, I began to remember what is was like just one year ago. Though it seems like such a long time during the run, it feels like it flies by afterwards.

I’m not going to name people, but I will give a general thanks to everyone involved in the production of Cabaret: the directors, actors, crew, and fellow musicians that all collaborated and made this show a proven success. It feels good to be in a successful production which will only help grow the organization as well as be a show that many people will be talking about for a while. Now I guess it is time for me to be proactive and start adding people from the show on Facebook.

I feel quite calm this Monday and well-rested. The weather made last weekend nearly perfect as I spent most of my Friday off in bed resting with the windows open. I might have bought too many shoes, too. Working Easter yesterday was surprisingly busy, and I was happy that I got most of the day off. Now off to a less stressful week and to see what needs to be in order. Five weeks left of school….six weeks until Summer school!